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From the lantern-inspired shape to the gently rippled surface, this mosaic epitomizes the grandeur of the mediterranean. Sometimes we come across something that defies definition by comparison - an archetype that becomes its own definition
Masonry is one artisanal form that speaks to us in a profound way - Ashlar is the modern reboot of masonry bricks. Building on the success of bamboo mosaics, this larger format creates opportunity for expansive installations.
Metal and stone are a natural pair - being composed of similar minerals they compliment and contrast each other perfectly. The look of handmade ceramics with a brick masonry flair - unassuming elegance of a vintage installation.
Slim format glass with a surprising amount of style and embellishments. Brings modern style to any space and budget. The timeless looks of chevron mosaics paired with marble, given a fresh new life and variation with the addition of multiple textures.
The perfect embodiment of Wabi Sabi - this traditional extruded brick tile is paired with our sumptuous pooling glaze. Large format strips combine with worked stone textures to bring the essence of the quarry to life.
Large sizes in this modular glass collection provide the serene colors and textures of a windswept lake. Our modern multistrip format, hand brushed glaze & an inviting textile inspired surface create an upscale and refined look.
Some patterns are so timeless and well loved that they become a part of our design language for centuries - our Chevron brings one such look to our H-Line color family. A timeless glass collection simultaneously providing the weathered feel of aged pavers and sleek crocodile skin.
When you do something so often it becomes a part of you. It's no longer something you do but a piece of your core, a staple you cannot be without. This modular glass series captures the look and feel of running water, creating subtle variation and nuanced tones for unique spaces.
The character and gravitas of an ancient painted wharf comes to life in this multi-format collection. Mixed format strips mosaic combines subtle glass blends with popular marbles for unified design.
Soft linear lines in subtle eartones evoke westcoast landscape and architecture. Natural earth tones & large modular formats conspire to create the serenity of windswept sand dunes in this collection.
When matter is distilled down to its basest components you are left with pure elements. This minimalistic approach is at the heart of this textured whites collection. Multiple renditions of a simple concept - the tension between matte & glossy surfaces create a unique & timeless look.
This through body porcelain, in both polished and unpolished finishes, add style and sophistication to any project. Texture and glaze combinations appear on front and rear faces of this semi-metallic glass tile - bringing the quiet beauty of a winter's dawn.
A modern take on brick masonry jumps to life in this slim format glass collection. Bring the edgy contemporary style to any space. Serene neutrals, timeless formats & subtle textures. Harmony brings peace and balance to your designs in multiple formats & layouts.
A Rich super-gloss glaze creates deep tones in this series. The timeless colors are equally suited to classic and modern compositions. Our stretched hexagon shape from Nova Hex's big brother enters the scene in our sumptuous H-Line color palette.
The timeless looks of penny round mosaics paired with marble, given a fresh new life and variation with the addition of multiple textures. Like the city that never sleeps, a classic subway tile in flat or bevel will never go out of style. Bring a little of the 5 boroughs 经典电子游戏.
Stretched along a different axis, this hexagonal mosaic's picket shape brings an edgy modern accent to our Block & Tapestry color family. A production method and design aesthetic that predates the 20th century, our take on encaustic cement in our classic earth tone palette
This sleek, high-gloss series is available in two formats. The colors and sizes create a dramatic look themselves, or match seamlessly with Rainfall. Appreciate the perfection in imperfection - the soul of craftsmanship is embodied by our most innovative glass mosaic yet
The stretched hexagon shape and multiple concave, convex & flat formats create limitless possibilities for any style. Blending multiple finishes, subtle colors and a fluid waterjet-cut shpae make Pisces our most dynamic glass mosaic yet.
The whimsy of a scaled up penny round meets the classic refinement of our H-Line subway collection. Solids or blends, there's a perfect Pop for you. Capturing the shape of a perfectly balanced droplet made perfect sense for an accent to our iconic Rainfall collection. Welcome to rain you want to dance in.
Soft natural colors and three textures inspired by falling water bring the feeling of the outdoors in. The timeless looks of stretched hexagon mosaics paired with marble, given a fresh new life and variation with the addition of multiple textures.
Soft earth tones combine with the look of organic fibres to create a warm and inviting feel in this glazed porcelain. Innovation from every side, this collection pairs a new pressing method with electroplating and precision sand-blasting to create the softest most luxurious glass to date.
The first technical porcelain utilizing an exclusive white ink to create a beautifully varied stone look for even the most demanding environs. Finding inspiration from multiple decorative ceramics throughout history and translating their essence through texture & subtle glazes.
Molten glass and metallic glazes conspire to create our most vibrant and artisanal glass collection in teardrop. With the addition of glaze to the stone, bassalt comes to life with matching translucent glass in this dynamic large format mosaic.
The steady hand of a master's brush brings this modern and linear mixed mosaic to life with soft colors. Our classic subway formats in a modern, soft and uplifting palette. Zen is at 经典电子游戏 anywhere a little extra serenity is required.
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